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Current promotions

Get up to $450 in hardware credits and up to $360 in rebates over the first 12 months of programming !

Get a Shaw system and take advantage of the following promotions:

  • Hardware Credit: $150 (1 x DSR800), $300 (1 x DSR830), $450 (1 x DSR830 & 1 x DSR800)
  • 12 months of rebates on the most popular packages:
    • Ontario Life @ $49,99 (instead of $80/mth)
    • Western Life @ $59,99 (instead of $84/mth)
    • Le Sublime @ $39,99 (instead of $64/mth)
    • Atlantic Digital Indulgence @ $39,99 (instead of $66/mth)
    • Atlantic Digital Favourites @ $49,99 (instead of $73/mth)
    • Digital Advantage $49,99 (instead of $67/mth)

News & Information

New DSR800 & DSR830 now available

The DSR800 & DSR830 Shaw Direct HD & HD PVR receivers are now available!

HD Twinning saves you money in 2017!

Thanks to HD Twinning, you no longer need to subscribe to HD Sports, HD Extra, HD Extra Lite, HD Combo and Style De Vie to enjoy crystal-clear HD content. As long as you subscribe to the standard definition channel, you’ll get the HD version as well.

Save $4 on the time shifting bundle for 6 months!

Time shifting is only $0.99 instead of $4.99 for the first 6 months.

Save 50% on Movie Central/HBO (West) or TMN/HBO (East) for up to 3 months!

Movie Central and Super Channel packages (include HBO) are 50% off for 6 months. The Movie Network is 50% off for 4 months. Promo for new susbscribers only.

Digital Favorites + Movies = Savings

Our premium movies packages are now $4 off when customers subscribe to our Digital Favourites package, Cheque Free Payment Plan and Paper Free Billing. Regular price of movies offer is $20.19.

Software Updates

Shaw Direct has updated the software on all Essential HD (600), Advanced HD (605) and Advanced HDPVR (630) receivers, with the following improvements:

  • Revamped Shaw Direct On Demand Interests Search: The Interests search menu has been redesigned to make it easier to browse through the 5000+ On Demand choices.
  • Shaw Direct On Demand Enhancements: A variety of VOD enhancements have been implemented including the ability to order a title in either standard-definition or HD, faster skip forward and back, more consistent display of season/episode information and connectivity improvements.
  • Multi-Audio Selection: Channels equipped with additional audio tracks, such as DVS or French, now display an icon on the menu bar. Simply press SOURCE on your Shaw Direct remote to select the alternate track. Your selection will be restored to your default settings when you change channels.
  • External Hard Drive Support (Advanced HDPVR 630 only): You can now connect an external eSATA hard drive to your Advanced HDPVR for up to 2.0 TB of additional recording capacity – that's over 1,000 standard-definition hours or 300 HD hours!

Locals & time shift bundle

Good news for local programming fans: Shaw Direct has changed the way it packages Canadian over-the-air (OTA) channels for new customers: Global, CTV, Citytv, CBC, SRC, TVA, V, etc.

Effective October 1st, new customers now receive the Canadian OTA channels from their local province only (Atlantic customers receive the channels from the Atlantic region). Customers subscribing to English or bilingual packages also receive the east OR west US Nets. Customers can add the Timeshift Bundle to watch local channels from across Canada and both east AND west US Nets in standard and high-definition.

Containing up to 63 channels for only $4.99 per month ($5.04 including LPIF), Timeshift is our largest bundle. Plus, it will continue to grow with the launch of our new satellite, Anik G1, as we add every available Canadian OTA channel. This represents a considerable investment for our business and huge value for customers.

Local Channels

Note: These changes DO NOT apply to existing customers.  

Shaw Direct & Xplornet partner up

If you are a client of Shaw Direct and get your Internet from one of Xplornet's platforms, you will soon be eligible to receive a 5% discount on your Internet bill.