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Infomir Mag 254 Setup

Follow these easy steps to install and activate your Infomir Mag 254 IPTV receiver:

Infomir Mag 254 Inventory

Unpack the IPTV router. You may need to follow our Flash procedure if you are going to use it with a service that provides a Flash image for its service.

Infomir Mag 254 Inventory 2

Identify the power supply & WiFi antenna.


Infomir Mag 254 Inventory 3

Insert the batteries in the remote control.


Infomir Mag 254 Inventory 4

Identify the A/V and HDMI cables. Your TV should supports HDMI for best results.

Infomir Mag 254 WiFi Setup


Connect the IPTV box to your Internet Router using a cable if possible, otherwise connect the WiFi antenna to USB port on the back of the IPTV box and follow the WiFi configuration procedure.