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Over the Top Internet Protocol Television

Mag 254 PluginsRecent improvements in the delivery of Internet to the home in North America now make it possible to watch live SD and HD content online via Over the Top (OTT) set-top-boxes connected to your television like a standard satellite or cable receiver.

Live television is different from sites like YouTube and Netflix because it can not be pushed to your computer or connected device in a single shot. Instead, Live television must be streamed in segments large enough to take advantage of high-bandwidth connections but small enough to push Live content as if the user was watching a Live stream.

OTT television is not tied to a local operator and can offer channels previously unavailable due to their limited appeal outside of their local market.

Kusat is an official distributor of Informir OTT set-top-boxes.

Infomir is one of the leading provider of OTT set-top-boxes Worldwide.

We can offer set-top-boxes factory loaded or with customized firmware for your OTT platform if you are service provider.

We have extensive expertize setting up and using these set-top-boxes in conjunction with XML electronic program guides (EPG) and middleware and we can assist you with any OTT requirement.