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Our telephone hours are from 9:30AM to 5:30PM, Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

Toll Free:



+1 (514) 44-88-342


+1 (514) 375-1045


206-6750 Hutchison
Montréal QC H3N 1Y4
Latitude: +45.5283 (North)
Longitude: -73.6119 (West)

To modify the status of an online order, please call us at 1-866-27-KUSAT between 9:30AM and 5:30PM EST to make sure your request is handled before the order is processed!

Any merchandise returned to the above address without an Return Authorization Number may be refused and returned to the sender!

General Inquiries:

Please write in French, English or Spanish. Vous pouvez écrire en anglais, français ou espagnol.

If you are inquiring about pricing and availability of a particular system, please visit our catalog. To calculate shipping costs, create an account in our catalog and the system will calculate taxes & shipping before you submit any payment information. Shipping satellite dishes can be expensive, however if you feel shipping costs calculated by the online system are too high, please contact us. The shipping cost on certain items, namely dishes and systems containing dishes larger than 1.0m in diameter may not be available online. In such instances, do not hesitate to contact us.

The information you submit to create your account is confidential and it will not be used for any other purposes than to process your order. We do not share our client information with anyone.

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