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Voice over IP (VoIP) via Satellite

If you live or work in a country or area where telephone communications are not available or prohibitively expensive, VoIP over satellite is the solution to remain connected with the rest of the World and meet your budgetary constraints. If your cost to call Europe or North America exceeds $1/mn (as an example), VoIP via satellite will cost around 25 times less (around 4¢/mn) once all costs are factored in, namely:

  • Initial V-Sat acquisition
  • Monthly service
  • VoIP line access
  • Cost of calls

Unlike other Internet via Satellite providers, all our iDirect platform support VoIP and even though iDirect is built with VoIP in mind, it is important to understand that a professional VoIP service is different from consumer grade solutions. A professional VoIP service uses codecs adapted to the network topology - in our case, a satellite connection with higher latency than land based connections.

Our VoIP service can be used on PBX systems with analog trunk cards or IP-PBX systems that support the SIP protocol and the codecs used to transmit voice via satellite. We also offer routers with DISA (remote access) capability if you want to use your VoIP service when you are not in the office via a local land line or cell phone.

The diagram below illustrates a V-Sat setup with Internet and Voice over IP (VoIP) capability.

Additional Information

For incoming calls, we offer telephone numbers from nearly all 50 US States, 10 Canadian Provinces and over 35 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

You will need at least 40kbps or streaming upload and download throughput to use our VoIP service. To verify the performance of your V-Sat system, please use our speed test.

If you are an existing VoIP subscriber, you may login to your account.