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Tuesday May 24th 2022

Enterprise & Government Solutions

Recommended if you require guaranteed speeds, voice over IP, teleconferencing and VPN connectivity or simply rock solid service. These systems can also be used as backup for land based Internet access (DSL, cable, etc.).

iDirect Shared Platform @ Kusat HughesNet Ku-Band Internet @ Kusat
iDirect Ku-Band HughesNet Ku-Band

Our iDirect service is ideal for streaming (VoIP, teleconferencing) and organisations that require service guarantees. This platform can be customized to meet your requirements (VPNs, VLANs, etc.). Service is available in Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, Venezuela and Central America.

The HughesNet Ku platform is a reliable, low cost platform ideal for low throughput requirements with or without public & static IP. Service is available in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean.

High Throughput Satellite Service

High Throughput Satellite service provides the next generation of Internet via Satellite with speeds up to 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up.

HTS Service
Jupiter 2 Viasat 2
Jupiter is HughesNet's High Throughput Service platform for high speed residential and small business Internet access.

Viasat 2 is Viasat's High Throughput Service platform operating out of the Anik F2 and Viasat 1 satellites, soon to be complemented with the Viasat 2 satellite.