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Welcome to Ku Satellites, Tuesday June 27th 2017

We offer two categories of systems if you live in a remote location and require Internet via Satellite.

Enterprise & Government Solutions

Recommended if you require guaranteed speeds, voice over IP, teleconferencing and VPN connectivity or simply a large daily throughput. These systems can also be used as backup for land based Internet access (DSL, cable, etc.).

iDirect Shared Platform @ Kusat HughesNet Ku-Band Internet @ Kusat
iDirect Ku-Band HughesNet Ku-Band

iDirect is ideal for streaming applications (VoIP, teleconferencing) and organisations that require service guarantees. This platform can be customized to meet your requirements (VPNs, VLANs, etc.). Our iDirect service is available in Canada, the USA, the Caribbean and Central America.

Business plans start at $149/mth and offer a large download capacity with unlimited access between 2AM-7AM EST. HughesNet Ku is available in Canada, the USA, Central America and the Caribbean.

Residential & Small Business Solutions

These systems are perfect for everyday Internet access from Home or your small business. They are affordable and offer an unprecedented level of reliability.

Telesat's Ka-Band Internet @ Kusatellites Spaceway @ Kusatellites
Telesat Ka-Band HughesNet Spaceway

Telesat was the first company to offer Ka-band Internet in the World. This service is available everywhere in Canada, including remote locations up North. Ka-band Internet is ideal for residential and small business users. Telesat offers 4 service levels, from $49/mth to $169/mth.

Spaceway is HughesNet's Ka platform. It is available in Southern parts of Canada and it is ideal for residential and small business users that require fast internet access for everyday use (email, browsing, file transfer). There are 7 service levels, from $49 to $299/mth.