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Remote Business Connectivity

For Government & Corporations

If your organization operates in remote locations where high speed Internet is prohibitively expensive, limited or non-existent, our iDirect platform delivers the level of service you need to run day-to-day operations without missing a beat.

If you are in charge of your ministry or your corporation's communications infrastructure and you have special requirements, we will build a service offer around your needs. Tell us about your requirements and we will follow up with a service proposal, absolutely free of charge.

Whether you need consistent traffic at low speeds or occasional traffic at high speeds, with everything in between, we can meet your requirements through:

  • The flexibility of the iDirect platform
  • Redundant teleports & a multi-satellite infrastructure
  • Fiber optic & leased line gateways to the Internet
  • 24/7 in-house tech support

If you require a VPN connection between your head office and the remote location, please consult our VPN section.

For Small Business and individuals

If you run a small business or home office from a remote location, relying on local infrastructure for Internet or "unlimited" V-Sat solutions can be inadequate, especially if you require VoIP connectivity, video conferencing or if you must connect to a VPN for your day to day activities.

With our iDirect platform, you will get the fastest, most flexible and reliable satellite connection to compete in today's marketplace.

Our service is designed to meet the unique challenges you face as a remote small business. With our Committed Information Rate (CIR), you can always count on consistent download and upload speeds to keep your business moving fast - even during peak usage times.