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Business Continuity

One of the golden rules of business is to always have a contingency plan.

Few businesses consider the risk of having only one land-based Internet service provider (ISP). If they were aware that a simple water main break, road construction or a natural disaster anywhere between the ISP's backbone and their business (sometimes hundreds of kilometers apart) could bring down access to the Internet, they would seek to protect their business with a truly redundant Internet connection.

When your land-based Internet Access fails, you can count on our iDirect's metered service guaranteed throughput to keep your business running at 100% capacity, while your primary connection is restored.

V-Sat Continuity Plan

Our business continuity service is ideal when:

  • Your primary link to the Internet is a land-based high speed connection.
    (HDSL, ADSL, T1, Fiber-line)
  • You do not have access to a truly redundant high-speed connection.
    (Another link from the same carrier is not redundant)
  • You only have access to a much slower redundant Internet connection.
    (ISDN or dialup)
  • You do not want to pay for capacity when you are not using it.
    (Telcos do not differentiate based on use)

Why Satellite?

Satellite based Internet access avoids the obvious vulnerability of the local loop used to provide traditional wired services like ADSL or T1. To illustrate, consider that a satellite connection cannot possibly be interrupted by a backhoe, bridge or tunnel incident, fire, ice storm, earthquake, downed telephone pole, etc.

Because it is nearly impossible to make repairs in outer space, the satellite spacecrafts are designed with multiple layers of redundancy and multiple backup systems, resulting in uptime approaching 100%. There are even spare satellites in orbit available in the unlikely event of a catastrophic satellite failure.

Our partners, Telesat and Intelsat, operate their satellite fleet to the absolute highest level of redundancy and reliability, equaling or exceeding military specifications in the manufacturing, launching and operation of their satellite spacecraft.

Our network operations center (NOC) uses redundant antenna facilities, redundant routers and power supplies, and is directly connected into multiple Tier I Internet backbone providers via diverse physical paths (fiber optic and twisted pair).

Business Continuity Plans

We offer four different business continuity plans with guaranteed (CIR) download speeds of up to 2.55Mbps and upload speeds of up to 768kbps. These plans have a low monthly cost and offer enough quota to be monitored by your choice of router or SNMP device to ensure 100% uptime.

Package Lite Standard Pro Pro Plus
Monthly Service, C$  $74.95  94.95$  109.95$  124.95$
Max Speeds 2.5Mbps/384kbps 3.0Mbps/640kbps 4.5Mbps/1.02Mbps 6.09Mbps/1.5Mbps
Guaranteed Speeds 512kbps/128kbps 768kbps/384kbps 1.5Mbps/640kbps 2.04Mbps/768kbps
Monthly Quota 62MB 62MB 62MB 62MB
Overage CAN$  25¢/MB 25¢/MB 25¢/MB 25¢/MB

In addition to these plans, we can also accommodate special requirements such as VoIP, VPN connectivity, VLAN between offices, data backups and more at the NOC (equipment co-location) or on-site.

Simply contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to build a contingency plan that fits within your budget constraints - financing is available for qualifying customers.