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Teleport co-location

To protect mission critical information without affecting the performance of your V-Sat system, you may opt to setup a VPN tunnel between your data center and our teleport, while entrusting the satellite link's security to iDirect's built-in or optional 256bit AES encryption. Your VPN traffic will arrive to our data center via fiber-optic and be terminated into the iDirect hub over a VLAN that can deserve all of your remote V-Sat locations.

Costs associated with the setup of a VPN tunnel with co-location:

Teleport Co-location Costs
Service Provided One Time Fee Monthly Fee Notes
VLAN Setup $1,400 n/a Required regardless of VLAN size or number of V-Sat sites.
A/C Power n/a $15 per outlet One outlet required for single VPN router co-location.
RJ45 Connection n/a $55 per port Two ports required for hosted VPN solution: one to Internet and one to iDirect hub.
Rack Space n/a $60 per U units Rack space required depends on customer equipment.

You may also co-locate servers, backup devices, routers or any other equipment that can have a positive impact on your V-Sat network using the above rate sheet.

Note: If you intend to co-locate your VPN, Server or other device in our data center to setup a VLAN with your remote site(s), your devices must support the RIPv2 protocol as traffic can not be routed using static routes, due to the fact that bandwidth is dynamically allocated to remote sites by the iDirect protocol processors, using different in & out routes, to & from the satellite, depending on the load of each route.

Hosted VPN

If you are only interested in setting up a VPN tunnel between your data center and our teleport, you may also opt for a hosted VPN solution, where we provide the VPN router connected to the iDirect hub:

Hosted VPN Solution
Service Provided One Time Fee Monthly Fee Notes
VLAN Setup $795 + $60 per remote V-Sat n/a Setup fee based on number of remote V-Sat sites.
VPN Hosting n/a $100 Flat monthly rate for up to 10 remote V-Sat sites

For VPN purposes only where less than 10 remote V-Sat sites are required, this option is also very cost effective.

Notes: For the hosted VPN solution, you must provide the following parameters in order for us to establish a VPN tunnel between your data center and our Teleport as well as a VLAN on the remote site(s):
  • Address range on the remote site
    • Example:
  • Range of IP addresses that will pass through the VPN
    • Example:
  • Public IP address of your VPN
    • Example:
  • Pre-shared key and Phase 1 & 2 Encryption / Authentication / DH Group.
    • Pre-shared key: <some shared key>, i.e. Th1515@n3x@mple5
    • Phase 1: <encryption type>,<authentication type>,<group number>, i.e. AES-128,SHA,DH Group 5
    • Phase 2: <encryption type>,<authentication type>,<group number>, i.e. AES-128,SHA,<Optional DH Group To Use Perfect Forwarding Secrecy>

If you wish to have full access to the ASA at all times, you may want to consider co-locating your own ASA instead of the Hosted Solution.