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iDirect vs. the competition

Why is service on our iDirect platform more expensive than with HughesNet or Telesat's shared platform?

  • Residential / small business service providers have a typical share ratio of 400 to 1 (400:1)
  • Customers on our iDirect platform have a typical share ratio of 20 to 1 (20:1)

There are other factors to keep in mind when selecting a V-Sat solution:

  • What are your user requirements (data with occasional voice, data & voice, VPN, etc.)
  • How many users are you connecting to the network (1 or 2, up to 5, up to 10, up to 20, etc.)
  • Are you running any specific, mission critical applications (mail server, SQL server, etc.)
  • Do you need an occasional or permanent VPN connection?
  • What is the daily and monthly throughput required for all users (quantity of upload/download)?
  • What is your budget for hardware & installation and monthly service?

If you’re looking for a $49/mth solution, we can provide it, coverage permitting, but it may not meet your requirements, resulting in poor network performance, lost productivity and additional expenses to end up with the equipment that could have been selected in the first place.

"Unlimited" Internet via Satellite

With "unlimited" HughesNet and Ka-Band services, you get unlimited download capacity as long as you stay within the Fair Access Policy (FAP), without performance guarantees. Data is sent in "Burst" mode, which may not be suitable for certain applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), VPN connections, Video delivery and other streaming applications.

As "unlimited" solutions are also highly asynchronous, their upload capacity is limited to about 1/20th of their download capacity.

iDirect Metered Internet via Satellite

With our iDirect platform, the bandwidth and quantity of data you require on a monthly basis determines the cost of your subscription. You get peak performance values and a Committed Information Rate (CIR) with every service level we offer. Traffic is guaranteed and we constantly monitor the flow of data to your remote terminal.

iDirect Network Monitoring iDirect Network Monitoring
Real time traffic analysis is performed for every remote location Overall satellite traffic is also monitored to ensure enough bandwidth is available for all users.
iDirect Network Monitoring iDirect Network Monitoring
Antenna carrier to noise (C/N) levels are measured to guarantee the outdoor equipment functions properly. Ping times between remote sites and the network are recorded at the NOC.

Service Availability

Our service is available over Canada, the USA, Central America and the Caribbean via two powerful satellites:

  • G28 located at 89°West which offers excellent Canada & USA coverage.
  • T11N located at 37.5°West for expanded coverage of the Caribbean and Central America.