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Pricing & Availability

Our shared iDirect service is intended for corporate and institutional users but it is also suitable for residential or small business users in remote locations who require service guarantees and VoIP.

It is important to note that the"up to" speeds of other providers only give you an indication of how fast their service can be. It does not tell you how it actually performs on average. Only our iDirect metered service offers minimum and maximum speed guarantees so you know what you're paying for!

Hardware Description
Antenna Router Transmitter Base Cost Order
ASC Signal 1.2m

iDirect Evolution X1

3 Watt $9751 Buy!
iDirect Evolution X1 / X3 6-Watt $1,7252 Buy!
Prodelin 1.8m $2,4452 Buy!
Prodelin 2.4m 12 Watt $8,5502 Buy!

1,2 Price reflects activation discount in consideration for entering into a 24 month service agreement.

For parts and accessories, please visit our online catalog.

Services Plans

The following are sample plans available on our iDirect platform.

Contact us for more pricing & service options that will suit your needs!

24/7 Data Plans
Plan Name 5GB 10GB 25GB
Monthly Fee with Static IP $149 $249 $499
Max Down / Up speeds 10M/2M 10M/2M 16M/2M
Min Down / Up speeds (CIR) 384k/128k 512k/256k 1.5M/768k
Monthly Quota 3GB 5GB 10GB

Peak & Off-Peak Data Plans
Plan Name 4.5GB 7.5GB 15GB
Monthly Fee with Static IP $149/mth $249/mth $499/mth
Max Down / Up speeds



Contention Ratio 384k/128k



Monthly Quota 1.5GB 7AM-7PM
3GB 7PM-7AM & WE
2.5GB 7AM-7PM
5GB 7PM-7AM & WE
10GB 7PM-7AM & WE

Voice over IP (VoIP) is guaranteed to work with all of the above service plans. One hour VoIP service consumes approximately 0.012GB of traffic. Video Conferencing (VC) can achieved at rates of 128kbps of up & 128kbps of down traffic over the satellite network. One hour of Video Conferencing will consume approximately 0.12GB of up & down traffic

Unlimited Business Service Plans
Plan Name 1.5M Unlimited 3M Unlimited 4M Unlimited
Monthly Fee with Static IP $359/mth $675/mth $1295/mth
Max Down / Up speeds 1.5M/512k 3M/1M 4M/2M
Contention Ratio 20:1 20:1 20:1
Monthly Quota Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Unlimited Residential Service Plans
Plan Name Home 1M Home 1.5M Home 2.5M
Monthly Fee with Static IP $135/mth $195/mth $270/mth
Max Down / Up speeds 2.5M/200k 3M/256k 3.8M/545k
Contention Ratio 30:1 based on 1M/200k 30:1 based on 1.5M/200k 30:1 based on 2.5M/545k
Monthly Quota Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

We offer a VoIP profile built for our VoIP service to ensure good VoIP performance on our Unlimited plans.

Dedicated Service Plans
Dedicated Service (examples) 256k/256k 2816k/768k 6144k/1024k
Monthly Fee with Static IP Contact Us Contact Us

Contact Us

Down / Up speeds (up to, burst mode) 256k/256k 2816k/768k 6144k/1024k
Down / Up speeds (CIR Guarantee) 256k/256k 2816k/768k 6144k/1024k
Monthly Quota Unlmited Unlmited


Contention ratio 1:1 1:1 1:1

We can provide dedicated service in any 256k increment from Nunavut to Southern Argentina via 3 different spacecrafts. If you are a corporation or a Government entity with locations spread throughout the Americas, you can use your dedicated bandwidth to feed multiple sites. Each site would receive his share of bandwidth and/or quota based on QoS rules you determine.

Additional information

Maximum Speeds: Achieving max speeds depends on what is being uploaded / downloaded, time of the day and the performance of your equipment and the global Internet.

Committed Information Rate (CIR): This is the speed that is guaranteed to be available at all times for streaming applications (such as VoIP, etc.). Several variables can affect your connection speed such as: number of concurrent connections on your LAN, QoS priorities, and overall network congestion. You can expect the ability to receive 110% of the stated CIR speeds or more at least 90% of the time. A 1.80m or 2.40m dish and more powerful BUC may be required to achieve stated CIR speeds in remote locations.

Monthly Quota: If you exceed your monthly quota, you may opt to pay for overages or be remain on a flat rate and be throttled to compensate for the excess usage. The level of the throttle is relative to excess, according to our iDirect fair access policy (FAP).

Performance: Ping times will be between 650ms and 800ms. This is due to the distance between geostationary satellites and the Earth (35,000km). Higher upload speeds are available based on your service level, but ping times will not change.

IP addresses: A static IP address is offered with all service levels. This type of address can be accessed from the outside to remote-login to your computer or to establish a virtual tunnel (VPN) and other specialized connections. Blocks of 5 ($35/mth) or 13 ($70/mth) IP addresses are also available.

Installation: Cost depends on location (geographical) and type of installation (flat root, inclined roof, wall, post, etc.). Note that you must have a clear line of sight to the South to install a V-Sat system.

Early termination: $2,000 if you have more than 12 month left on your service Term or $1,000 if you have less than 12 months left on your service Term.

Hosting & related services: We offers professional web and other internet services hosting services through its sister company, Corporate Hosting, from $9.99/mth.