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Questions & Answers

If your question(s) concerning Spaceway is (are) not answered on this page, please send us an email !

Can I stream? Yes, streaming services are supported by the Jupiter platform but such services will consume your monthly Data Allowance faster than any other type of activity (1GB/hour for Netflix).
Can I feed an entire office? Business plans offer the service you need to feed multiple users, as long as you have enough Data to meet the requirements of all users.
How fast can you install my system?

Once you place your order, we will contact a qualified installer in your area to schedule installation. If no qualified installer is available in your area, we'll try to find one for you. If we can't find a qualified installater, we'll quote you an installation that includes travel, meals & accomodation to send the nearest installer to your location.

Note: If you're a qualified installer, please contact us.

Does rain affect the serice?

You can experience temporary signal interruption under heavy rain. Snow will not affect your service as much as rain unless it is heavy and wet snow.

Is Ka-Band satellite internet safe? All traffic is encrypted by the modem and the Teleport to and from the satellite to prevent anyone from accessing your data "over the air", however, once your data is handed off to the general Internet, standard rules of safety and data protection apply.
Can I use the service to replace my phone line?

Yes, the service fully supports VoIP. We offer VoIP serivice starting at $10/month.

Why is the service more expensive than Cable or ADSL?

Satellites are expensive to launch and operate and represent an added link between you and the Internet that doesn't exist when you have access to high-speed land based alternatives such as Cable or ADSL directly connected to the Internet backbone.