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Promax Spectrum Analyzers

Promax HD Ranger 2

The HD RANGER 2 features a touch screen with superior image quality. It can be operated via touch screen or the conventional keyboard. The HD RANGER 2 features all of the HD RANGER functions plus IPTV input, Common Interface (CAM), HDMI interface and TS-ASI input/output. Optical measurements, remote Wi-Fi operation and 3 GHz band extension are optional features of this instrument.

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More information is available here.

Promax HD Ranger 2

Promax HD Ranger

The HD Ranger and HD Ranger + are second generation DVB spectrum analyzer for satellite and terrestrial antenna installers.

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The HD Ranger+ adds DD+ and DVB-T2 capability to the HD Ranger.

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We have more information on these instruments here and you can download the Quick Reference sheet and the full Spec Sheet for both instruments in PDF format.

HD Ranger

Promax HD / HD+ Explorer

In addition to its spectrum analysis capabilities in both terrestrial (5-1000MHz) and satellite (950-2150MHz) bands, the HD / HD+ Explorer can demodulate 720p and 1080i (H.264 MPEG-4) content on the field.

the Promax HD Explorer

The HD+ adds DD+ and DVB-T2 capability.

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The TV Explorer HD ATSC (Prodig 9B) adds QAM Annex B capability for cable analysis and ATSC (8VSB) off-air capability instead of DVB-T, specifically for the North American market.

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Promax HD Explorer