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If you are a current owner, please contact us to get your copy of our training manual by mail.

Knowledge is power and Ku Satellites wants you to be as efficient as possible when it comes to working on the field. The best equipped installer may not be able to complete a job quickly if he does not master: (a) how satellites operate, (b) how bands affect what your antenna will and will not see and (c) how different types of signals can be recognized.

Kusatellites Spectrum Analyzer Installer's Guide


Our training manual on locating and peaking satellites with a spectrum analyzers is meant for all installers who currently have or intend to get a spectrum analyzer. This manual does not cover other aspects of satellite installation, such as antenna assembly, base mounting and wiring, as we assume that the installer already knows this. The main chapters of this manual consist of:

  1. Satellites in the Sky
    • locating satellites,
    • satellite hopping,
    • look angle from East coast to West coast.
  2. Satellite Bands
    • satellite bands,
    • antenna sizes,
    • co-satellite interference,
    • polarity,
    • L-Band operation,
    • bands and operators.
  3. Types of signals
    • analog signals,
    • digital Signals,
    • digital Signal Analysis.
  4. Impact on the installer
    • DBS Installations,
    • FSS Installations,
    • C-Band Installations.
  5. Using your knowledge
    • locating a satellite,
    • examples,
    • mapping the skies.


The manual comes free with the purchase of any of our spectrum analyzers. This is manual comes in a hardcover format and is meant to be used on the field... If you already own one of our analyzer, please contact us to obtain your copy today!