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Friday July 19th 2024

Spectrum analyzer for the field, also known as field strength meters are essential instruments for qualified satellite and terrestrial antenna or cable professional. It is also essential for the calibration of analog and digital cable systems.Promax Ranger 2

News & Specials

The Promax HD Ranger 2 for North America (ATSC version) is available.

Unaohm's new Digi-Ohm HD is a fully featured spectrum analyzer.

Promax Spectrum Analyzers

Promax Electronica

Kusat has been a Promax distributors since 2004 and we carry their full line of spectrum analyzers. We stock most models or Promax Spectrum Analyzers in our Montréal warehouse, available for same or next day shipping. You can always contact us for information regarding availability.

Unaohm Spectrum Analyzers

Unaohm (Italy)

Unaohm AP01Kusat has been a Unaohm distributors since 2004. We carry the following Unaohm Spectrum Analyzers:

  • Handheld S48+, an affordable and very practical hand held spectrum analyzer.
  • Portable AP and EP Series: High accuracy spectrum analyzer at an affordable price.
  • Digi-Ohm HD, an affordable and fully featured spectrum analyzer.

We stock these analyzers in our Montréal warehouse, available for same or next day shipping.

Current Owners

If you already own one of our instruments, please visit our Training & Support section. If you have any questions about our instruments, do not hesitate to contact us.