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Shaw Direct Accessories

If you own a Shaw Direct system and require a replacement remote control, an Infra-red to UHF conversion kit, a second dish kit or a switch to distribute your signal to 8 receivers, this is the right place.

Remote Controls

There are two categories of Shaw Direct (Star Choice) receivers :

Infra-red only remotes

  • Model DSR600, DSR800

These receivers are compatible with a standard infra-red remote control.

IR/UHF receivers

  • DSR630, DSR830

These receivers are compatible with a UHD/infra-red remote control.

Second dish kit / Cottage dish kit

If Elliptical Dish you currently own a Shaw Direct satellite system, a cottage dish kit will allow you to keep watching satellite television at your cottage (Home away from Home).

If you only have a 24inch or 30inch satellite dish not capable of dual-satellite reception, this kit will allow you to receiver 107.3°W and 111.1°W.

The Shaw Direct elliptical dish kit comes in 2 sizes: 60cm/24inch and 75cm/30inch.

  • The 24inch kit is elliptical and measures 28" x 18" (approx.).
  • The 30inch kit is elliptical and measures 35" x 28" (approx.).

Both kits come with a Quad Output LNBF. The Quad output LNBF eliminates the need for splitters and switches for up to 4 receivers! If features 4 switched outputs, independent from one another.

Buy!a 60cm elliptical dish with the new xKu Quad LNBF.

Buy!a 75cm elliptical dish with the new xKu Quad LNBF.

If your Quad LNBF has melted under the hot summer sun, you can also get a spare Quad LNBF for your dish. Please note we only stock Shaw's new xKu LNBF which requires a different network code than the standard Quad LNBF (now discontinued).

Finally, if you are using 2 separate dishes instead of a Shaw Direct Quad LNBF dish for your Anik F1 and Anik F2 reception, you can get a 22KHz switch to combine both signals into one cable (the receiver will actually use the switch to go to one dish or the other).

Distribution to more than 4 receivers

If you need to have more than 4 Shaw Direct receivers connected to a Quad Output LNBF, you must use a 4-in and 8-out multiswitch with power supply such as the S-4180-GX+.

This switch has the following inputs

  • 2 inputs for 107.3°W (13V/18V)
  • 2 inputs for 111.1°W (13V+22KHz/18V+22KHz)
  • 1 input for Off-air or cable television

All 4 satellite inputs must be connected to the Quad LNBF (it does not matter which input goes into which output on the LNBF) otherwise you will be missing channels!

A diplexer must be used to split the off-air/cable signal from the satellite signal (to feed it to a TV or cable box) if it is combined with the satellite signal at the switch.

This switch requires power - fed via a coaxial cable (not supplied) and a power supply (included).

Buy! an 8 way multiswitch for Shaw Direct.

If you require more than 8 outputs, you can stack more than one 8 way switch using four high-frequency splitters to split each line coming from your LNBF or you can Buy! a 16-way switch.