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Shaw Direct Promotions - Winter 2017

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Shaw Direct DSR600 Quad Elliptical System
Get full HD from the smallest receiver on the market, only from Shaw Direct!
$150 cost
$0 net
Shaw Direct DSR630 PVR HD Dual Tuner Elliptical System
Shaw Direct's latest dual tuner PVR comes in a dark sleek design. Enjoy fast channel switching and a new user interface that makes the DSR630 one of the best of its kind!
$250 cost
$0 net

If you are not sure if you can order Shaw Direct, please contact us!

Why Shaw Direct?

ProgrammingShaw Direct does not require a long term commitment! That's right, with Shaw Direct, there's no minimum programming requirement, however you are required to remain an active Shaw Direct subscriber for a period of 12 months following the initial activation of your system.

Shaw Direct was also Canada's first direct-to-home satellite television service provider. With Shaw Direct, you can build your own channel line-up, so don't deny yourself access to great entertainment!

Shaw Direct uses the Digicipher II digital transmission standard, initially designed for use in the cable television industry. Digicipher II delivers unmatched video and CD quality sound, perfect for home theater systems. Digicipher II is the standard of choice, for the television industry.

Through the use of industry standard technology, Shaw Direct allows you to receive first generation signals for many of its stations, which means unmatched picture quality. A first generation signal is a signal transmitted directly from the originating TV station. A second generation signal is a signal that has been received and re-transmitted in order to be sent to your receiver, resulting in slight picture quality loss.

First generation signals come from the broadcaster, straight to your home. Second generation signals are decoded and re-encoded before they get to you, resulting in a slight picture degradation.

Promotions may vary from the above and are subject to change without notice.