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The following features are included with every calling plan:

  • Call Blocking - Determine the calls you receive by assigning telephone numbers to an 'accept' or 'reject' list and by blocking anonymous calls
  • Call Forwarding - Forward calls to the telephone number of your choice (such as your home phone, cell phone, or office) or to VoiceMail.
  • Call Return - Call the telephone number of your last incoming call without having to dial the number manually.
  • Call Waiting - Accept an incoming call while you are already on a phone call by placing the first call on hold and connecting to the other caller.
  • Caller ID - View the telephone number of the person who is calling you before you pick up the telephone. Plus, choose when you want to display your identity to those you are calling.
  • Do Not Disturb - Block all incoming calls for a specified period of time.
  • Reach Me - Direct your incoming calls to as many as five different phone numbers.
  • Redial - Connect with the last person you called -- even if the line was busy or if your call was unanswered.
  • Remote Feature Management - Update your calling feature settings from any touch-tone telephone.
  • Service Interruption Forwarding - Forward your calls to another number or to VoiceMail in case of a failure.
  • Speed Dial - Store up to 99 telephone numbers for quick and easy dialing.
  • 3-Way Calling - Add a third person to an existing phone call so you can speak with two people simultaneously.
  • VoiceMail - Allow callers to record voice messages when you are unavailable to answer their calls and then listen to the messages at a later time from any phone or your computer.
  • Remote VoiceMail Access - Pick up your voice mail using any phone from anywhere in the World (via one of our access number).
  • Account Balance Announcement - A brief announcement before your call is connected tells you how much talk time you have remaining.
  • Calling Card Option - Extend your VoiceLine service to any phone by using your account as a calling card.
  • Language Selection - Indicate your language preference for the VoiceLine prompts and instructions that are played to you on the phone.