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Making & Receiving Calls

Our VoIP routers offer 2 or more telephone lines to which you can connect any standard telephone (wired, wireless, etc.) or an office PBX system.

Making Calls

To make calls, pick up the phone and dial as you would from a phone in your home country.If you have an unlimited calling plan, outgoing calls are free within the specified area. With other calling plans of if you are calling outside the unlimited call area, calls are billed by the minute at extremely low rates.

If your calling plan includes minutes (i.e. 500 minutes), you do not get charged for calls until you run out of minutes, even when calling outside your calling area.

Receiving Calls

To receive calls, we assign Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number - a phone number - to your service from one of 35 available countries. With a phone number in the UK, people will be able to call you as if you were located in the UK. Incoming calls are free.

You can assign more than one incoming phone number to your service, meaning you could have a number in France, in the UK, in Canada and in Brazil assigned to your VoIP phone line.

Calling Plans

We offer over 40 different calling plans, starting at only $9.99/month.

All our calling plans mean you get:

  • Low cost calls anywhere in the World.
  • Unlimited incoming calls with a phone number from your home town or country*.
  • 13 calling features at no extra cost (voice mail, caller ID, etc.).
  • No startup costs & no yearly engagement.
  • Online account management.


If you need no more than 2 lines, we offer a 2-line VoIP router that also serves as an Internet router - it connects to your satellite, cable, ADSL modem or to your LAN effortlessly.

For users that require more than 2 lines, we offer a 4-line VoIP router that features 3 standard office lines (FXS ports with tonality) and 1 line for incoming calls (FXO port), to access the router from outside the office via the local telco.

If you require more lines, we also have a 16 line VoIP router, available upon request.

*: There may be a surcharge to get a local phone number in some countries.