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Business VoIP

For office and business users that require more than 2 lines, we offer a 4-line router with the following configuration:

  • 3 x FXS ports for local phone/PBX trunkline use
  • 1 x FXO port for remote access via a local phone line

Up to four simultaneous sessions can be made through the gateway. The FXO line can be dedicated to off-premise sessions, allowing you to call the gateway and make calls from any phone, anywhere.

Also available, router with:

  • 4 x FXS ports
  • 4 x FXO ports
  • 8 x FXO or FXS ports
  • 16 x FXO or FXS ports

Max 430 VoIP Router

Buy!a VoIP 430 router.

The VoIP430 can be easily added to existing network and phone systems to route calls over the Internet. Simply connect the gateway to a switch or router. Then, depending on your requirements, connect standard telephones, fax machines, phone lines and/or a PBX system to the VoIP430. Users will be calling from regular phones, so they won’t have to learn a complicated new phone system.