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Starlink is the Low Earth Orbit satellite constellation platform by excellence.

The service is now available in multiple locations around the World.

Kusat offers Starlink hardware and service.

Key features of the service

  • Unlimited Plans
  • Latency (ping) <50ms
  • Speeds up to 200Mbps x 50Mbps
  • Always on, resilient and secure
  • Supports all cloud services & remote desktop applications
  • Can handle multiple simultaneous voice & video conferencing sessions

Service for Everyone

Unlike other LEO providers that pretend to cater to one group of end-user to justify poor service, high prices and bulky hardware, Starlink is for everyone.

Platform & network features

  • Advanced connectivity management
  • Flexible and scalable service plans
  • Guaranteed packet delivery and CIRs
  • Customizable network architecture