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OneWeb User Terminal

The OneWeb Dual Antenna User Terminal (UT) is a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) kit designed for high throughput performance.

OneWeb Dual Dome and ModemThe UT meets the needs of organisations and communities where terrestrial telecommunications infrastructure is unavailable and/or backup connectivity is required.

The UT features two parabolic antennas protected by domes, operating in Primary <-> Secondary mode to achieve seamless handoff between satellites.

Both antennas measure 73cm in diameter and operate on 3 axis to avoid the keyhole problem encountered on dual axis systems.

OneWeb User Terminal Inside the DomeThe primary antenna includes a single subscriber module (modem) that controls both antennas.

For operation in cold environment, heater modules extend the operational temperature to -40°C.

Indoor power adapters and coaxial cables are used to bring DC power to the antenna electronics, motors and heating modules.

Data runs through one of the coaxial cable to a Customer Network eXchange (CNX) unit located indoors.

The CNX provides an RJ45 Ethernet point of demarcation between the UT and the Local Area Network.

OneWeb CNXMain Features:

  • 12dB/K high gain antennas
  • Cost-effective LEO tracking system
  • No keyhole problem at 90° elevation
  • Seamless handoff between satellites
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Capable of performing at speeds of up to 195Mbps x 32Mbps


Transceiver OW70LH-Dac (Outdoor Unit)

Physical RF Performance Environmental
Part Number PS-OW70P-H Rx Frequency Range Ku Band 10.7-12.7GHz Operational Temperature -40°C to +55°C
Configuration Dual Parabolic Antenna Tx Frequency Range Ku Band 14.0-14.5GHz Ingress Protection IP66
Radome Height 77cm / 30” G/T 12.2 dB/K at 11.8GHz Certifications CE Mark, FCC, ETSI, RoHS, REACH
Radome Diameter 85cm / 33” EIRP 36.6 dBW/40MHz    
Reflector Diameter 73cm / 29” Polarization Circular (Tx LHCP, Rx RHCP)    
Antenna Weight 33.6kg (Primary)
32.5kg (Secondary)
Field of View +/- 53° from zenith, 360° azimuth    


Customer Network eXchange CNX (Indoor Unit) and Power Adaptors

Physical Consumption (110VAC) Interface
Part Number CNX-B1 CNX Power Adapter 150W Typical CNX to Outdoor Unit +56V DC, RG6 or RG11, F-type connector
CNX Dimensions 22 x 18 x 5cm (8.5”x 7” x 2”) Heater Power Adapters 300W Peak
200W Below -10°C
20W Above -10°C
Power Supplies Universal AC Power (100-240V)
Mount Type Desktop or wall mount     Customer Data Interface 1 GigE RJ45