Satellite Look Angle Calculator


Bell TV dual-satellite
Shaw Direct Elliptical Dish

Dual Satellite (20" Echostar dish,
60cm Shaw Direct dish
or 75cm Shaw Direct dish)

Satellite One:   ° West

Satellite Two:   ° West


Decimal Degrees

True Azimuth:  


Skew Angle:  

North Latitude:

hour minute second

West Longitude:

hour minute second

See out magnetic deviation chart for compass correction values!

Testing has shown that Elevation/Azimuth is accurate to several decimal places, but the skew angles this calculator generates vary by 1-5° from the values quoted by Bell TV's install guide. BellTV may calculate the skew by calculating the polarization tilt at 86.5° W, whereas we calculates the look angle to each satellite, then calculates the angle between the two.

At a given location, our calculator is off by 2.3° from Bell's value. Using their skew angle, we get signal strengths of 87% on 91° and 67% on 82°, peaked using 91°. Using the angle provided by our calculator, we get signal strengths of 87% on 91° and 73% on 82°, peaked using 91°. Because I peaked to 91° it's signal was always at it's highest, however, a 6% increase on 82° is signifcant, and could be helpful in some situations. It would appear that this calculator works better, but results may vary.