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Category Contents
Category Contents
 Product Name+   Weight   Price 
 Channel 65+ Trap (Pico Macom LPF-470)   0.50   $32.50CAD 
 Headend Combiner, Macom 12G (Passive)   4.00   $79.50CAD 
 Headend Combiner, Macom 24G (Passive)   4.00   $122.50CAD 
 Headend Minimodulator, Macom PCM45 (MPCM45)   2.00   $195.89CAD 
 Headend Minimodulator, Macom PCM45 Ultra Band (MPCM45)   2.00   $215.89CAD 
 Headend Minimodulator, Macom PCMA (MPCMA)   2.00   $315.89CAD 
 Headend Modulator, Macom F860 (Mono)   6.00   $539.95CAD 
 Headend Modulator, Macom F860S (Stereo)   6.00   $729.95CAD 
 Headend Modulator, Macom PCM55SAW (2-36)   4.00   $219.95CAD 
 Headend Modulator, Macom PCM55SAW (37-78)   4.00   $269.95CAD 
 Headend Rack, Macom 12 Mods (MPC12)   15.00   $279.00CAD 
 Headend Rack, Macom 12 Mods Redund. (MPC12R)   25.00   $399.00CAD 
 Headend Rack, Macom 16 Mods (MPC16)   20.00   $479.00CAD 
 Headend Single Channel Filter (VHF Low), Macom CEF550L   3.00   $199.89CAD 
 Headend Single Channel Filter (VHF Mid/High), Macom CEF550M   3.00   $249.89CAD 
 Headend Single Channel Filter (Wideband), Macom CEF860   3.00   $559.89CAD 
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