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Spaceway by HughesNet

Spaceway is available in Southern regions of Canada.

Residential Solutions

HughesNet Ka Band Internet (Spaceway)If you live in an area where high-speed ADSL or Cable Internet is not available, Spaceway, also known as HughesNet's Ka-band high-speed internet via Satellite, is available from $49.99 per month + $5 per month for equipment rental!

Residential Internet via Satellite is ideal to browse the web, send and receive emails, download music, shop online, enjoy multimedia content, etc*. You can also share your connection through a Wireless router as you would share a regular high speed connection.

If your requirements call for more bandwidth than what the $49.99 Home plan offers, Spaceway offers a total of 7 service levels to meet your needs.

Solutions for Small Business

Ka-Band Internet access is also ideal for business when you do not have specific transmit speed requirements or require very large amounts of bandwidth in short periods of time. Some VPNs and Voice over IP are also not supported by Ka-Band platforms.

The benefits of Ka-Band Internet access for business is the low cost of entry - as little as $99 plus installation - and the availability of service levels that can suit most budgets - from $49/month to $299/month - and requirements.

If your business requires guaranteed transmit or receive speeds, requires very large amounts of data in short periods of time or needs to use VPNs or VoIP, please consider our Enterprise & Government platforms.