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Questions & Answers

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What happened to Star Choice? Shaw Communications inc. acquired Star Choice through its acquisition of Cancom in August of 2000 and kept the Star Choice name until April 15th, 2009 when it was changed to Shaw Direct.
What is the warranty on a new system? All new systems sold comes with a 1 year parts & labor warranty. If you have more than one receiver on your account and you are paying a $5 monthly fee for the use of multiple receivers, you may also benefit from Shaw Direct's lifetime warranty. If you deal with us for warranty service, your only cost to have a receiver serviced or exchanged will be the cost of shipping us your defective receiver and getting a replacement unit shipped back to you.
How is the picture and sound quality? Shaw Direct uses the Digicipher II format to broadcast picture and sound. Digicipher II delivers a great picture and sound, as long as channels are allocated enough bandwidth. Through the Anik F1 and F2 satellites, Shaw Direct can deliver as much bandwidth as required by all channels, offering an unprecedented picture & sound quality.

Shaw Direct offers true High Definition Television (HDTV) via the Anik F2 satellite. For this service, you need a Shaw Direct HDTV receiver.

What about multi channel viewing and slave receivers? If you would like to watch more than one channel at a time on multiple TVs, you will need multiple satellite receivers. You can connect up to 4 receivers (a DSR530 requires 2 lines) to your Shaw Direct dish. Multiple receivers must be connected to the phone line to ensure that they are all used in the same location.
Can I watch a movie on one channel and tape something on another channel at the same time? Yes, you can record a movie and watch something else at the same time with the DSR530 receiver.
Do I have to hookup my satellite receiver to the phone line? Yes if you plan to order Pay-Per-View service through the interactive services offered on your remote control or if you have multiple receivers on your account.
Why do I have to wait for my system to be installed in order to order the programming? This is because when your system is "activated", a signal is sent to your receiver, through the satellite. If your system is not installed, you will not receive the signal and your receiver will miss the "hit".
My DSR 530 is out of warranty and the hard disk drive failed. Can I replace it myself? Yes, provided you have the following: