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OneWeb Service Plans

OneWeb Service GradesOneWeb offers multiple service plans, ranging from standard Internet Access, all the way to Guaranteed IP Service for mission critical applications.

The table below lists service plans for fast, reliable and affordable access to the Internet.

Contact us for more information or if you have specific requirements that fit outside these plans.

OneWeb Internet Access
Plan Unl10 Unl30 Unl50 Unl75
Down x Up Speeds (MIR) 10mbps x 2mbps 30mbps x 6mbps 50mbps x 10mbps 75mbps x 15mbps
Down / Up speeds (BE) 2mbps x 0.4mbps 6mbps x 1.2mbps 10mbps x 2mbps 15mbps x 3mbps
Monthly Data Allowance Unlimited


Unlimited Unlimited
Latency (Ping) ±70ms


±70ms ±70ms
Required Antenna Gain 12dB/K or 9dB/K

12dB/K or 9dB/K

12dB/K or 9dB/K 12dB/K or 9dB/K