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Welcome to Ku Satellites, Friday August 18th 2017

Ku Satellites has been specialized in the reception of International Television since 1999. We want to make sure you get the best free-to-air equipment on the market. With over 12 years of experience, we know which brands to choose and which brands to avoid.

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Available Services

Services offered free-to-air are not the same as the services offered through subscription based providers such as Shaw Direct and BellTV. Free-to-air services are not linked to a particular broadcaster and remain free of charge.

The majority of available channels are international channels and the main platform for free-to-air services in North America is the Galaxy 19 satellite located at 97°West.

For scrambled services available on an individual basis (such as television from France if you live in a French overseas department or territory), you will need an approved receiver with a Common Interface (CI) slot or a built in decoder, able to accommodate a smart card provided with the service.

For subscription based services from Canada and the USA, visit ourShaw Direct or BellTV sections. You may not use a free-to-air system to receive service from Shaw Direct or BellTV.

Do not get a Free-to-Air Receiver if...

If a service is available through Shaw Direct or BellTV, a free-to-air system will not work. Visit the appropriate Shaw Direct or BellTV sections to select the system that suits you best.

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Daily Operation

Most receivers come pre-programmed with transponder data from satellites accessible over North America. Once the satellite you want has been scanned, the receiver will assign channel numbers to available channels. Channel names are assigned according to information supplied by the broadcaster but the user can also assign custom channel names and setup favorites.

Mpeg-2 programs are available in PAL and in NTSC. Mpeg-4 programs broadcasting in High Definition (HD) are also system specific. Many free-to-air receivers can either display all channel in NTSC or in PAL.

Radio services are usually listed separately. The user can switch between television and radio with a key on the remote control. When multiple audio chanels are available with a television service, the "audio" button lets the user switch carriers.

If you want to catch more than one satellite on your receiver, you can install a DiSeqC motor on your satellite dish. Use a 90cm dish or larger for Ku-Band reception. If you are using a C-Band dish, keep an analog receiver to control the position of your dish. If you have multiple LNBs or dishes, you can use DiSeqC switches. DiSeqC switches will allow you to feed up to 4 or even 8 satellite dishes into a single receiver.