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Hardware Description

Description Cost & Installation Order

Hughes Net HN7000S w/ 0.98m Antenna, 2 Watt Kit

System: $895; Installation: $300 to $400 

Hughes Net HN7000S w/ 1.20m Antenna, 2 Watt Kit System: $1295; Installation: $400 to $500  Quote!

Service Description

Service Home 425 Business 550 Business 1300
Hardware Required 0.74m Antenna & 1-Watt Kit 0.98m/1.20m Antenna & 2-Watt Kit
Monthly Service $119 $149 $279
Download speeds (up to, burst mode) 1.5 Mbps 2.5 Mbps 3 Mbps
Upload speeds up to (up to, burst mode) 150 Kbps 250 Kbps 500 Kbps
Download threshold per day (FAP) 425MB 550MB 1300MB
Public & static IP Address n/a $35 for 5 $35 for 5

For service with guaranteed speeds, please consider our commercial grade iDirect platform.

Kusat offers professional web services through our sister company, Corporate Hosting.

Additional information

Performance: HughesNet HN service offers "Up to" download and upload speeds only. Speeds fluctuate and there are no minimum service guarantees. Ping times are on average 600ms, due to the distance between geostationary satellites and the Earth (35,000km).

IP addresses: By default, private IPv4 addressed are assigned dynamically by the Hughes modem to your equipment. Public static IPv4 address are available for an additional fee.

Gaming: Due to the nature of internet via satellite (higher ping times of ~600ms), Jupiter is not recommended for online games that require low ping times.

Fair Access Policy: There is no monthly quota or limit on your usage of this service, The Fair Access Policy attempts to prevent a minority of users from using a disproportionate share of the network. When abuse is identified, the performance of the service is reduced to 5% of of regular performance for 24 hours. See our FAP page for more info.