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Fair Access Policy

To ensure fair Internet access for all HughesNet® subscribers, HUGHES® maintains a Fair Access Policy (FAP). This policy establishes an equitable balance in Internet access for HughesNet subscribers. Hughes assigns a download threshold to each service plan that limits the amount of data that may be downloaded during a typical day. Subscribers who exceed this limit will experience a reduction of speed of up to 90% during a 24hour period - the recovery period.

Hughes allows unlimited downloading between the hours of 2 am and 7 am, Eastern Standard time.



     Home 250

250 MB

     Pro 425

425 MB

     Pro 475

475 MB

     Business 550

550 MB

     Business 1300

1300 MB

During the recovery period, the HughesNet service may still be used, but speeds will be slower. Web browsing, for example, will be significantly slower than subscribers’ normal browsing experience. Subscribers will return to normal download speeds after the recovery period as long as they minimize their bandwidth-intensive activities. If they continue these activities during this recovery period, reduced download speeds may continue beyond 24 hours.