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Service Description

While land based solutions provide reliable high-speed access to the Internet, they're not available everywhere.

Viasat's Internet service on the other hand can be installed almost anywhere.

The only requirement is a line of sight to the Southern sky!

A standard subscription offers download speeds Up To 25Mbps and upload speeds of up to 4Mbps.

Service Description

Viasat service is offered via the Anik F2 and Viasat-1 satellites on Ka band.

Ka band service uses spotbeams. A satellite like Anik F2 has 6 groups of spot beams. Each group can re-utilize frequencies from the previous group and each group is operated by a dedicated gateway to the internet .

Anik F2 Ka band coverage
Spot beam coverage on Anik F2 for 2-way internet via satellite - for illustration purposes only.


Anik F2 Gateway for Viasat service in Canada

Anik F2 Ka Band Toronto Teleport