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OneWeb for Natural Resources Exploration

OneWeb MiningOil, Gas, Mining and Forestry operations are increasingly digital and generate high volumes of data during day-to-day operations. This data needs to be accessed by corporate offices & the cloud to make important and near real-time decisions.

OneWeb MiningThe challenge is that such operations are often located in remote areas, with poor access to terrestrial networks.

Legacy satellite networks don’t provide the bandwidth or latency required for a multitude of applications and their high cost makes them unsuitable for other applications such as staff welfare & quality of life.

OneWeb MiningThanks to OneWeb, operators in Oil, Gas, Mining & Forestry can now optimise costs and greatly improve operational performance with high-speed connectivity between camps, the cloud and HQ.

OneWeb MiningOneWeb's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) service supports IoT-based asset management and remote diagnostics and allows operators to deliver key services such as training, telemedicine and remote support to workers.

OneWeb MiningWith latency <100ms and speeds of up to 75Mbps x 15Mbps, remote camps can access corporate networks seamlessly and a wide variety of new applications such as autonomous operations, drone surveillance & data analytics that save costs and mitigate risks.

OneWeb MiningOneWeb can also be integrated into SD-WAN networks to provide a complete network solution between camps and HQ.

OneWeb MiningFinally, with OneWeb, workers can enjoy a more connected lifestyle in their leisure time, with Unlimited access to Video Conferencing, cloud collaboration (Teams, Zoom) and entertainment (Netflix, Amazon). This will improves the quality of life of the men & women whose jobs demand they leave home, family and friends behind for long periods of time.