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OneWeb Antenna DomesOneWeb Platform

OneWeb is a Low Earth Orbit satellite constellation that brings high-throughput and low-latency Internet and private networks to organizations and communities in remote locations.

The service is now available in Northern Canada and will be available in the rest of World in 2023.

Kusat is an official OneWeb distribution partner.

Key features of the service

  • Unlimited Plans
  • Latency (ping) <100ms
  • Speeds up to 75Mbps x 15Mbps
  • Always on, resilient and secure
  • Supports all cloud services & remote desktop applications
  • Can handle multiple simultaneous voice & video conferencing sessions

OneWeb Satellite ConstellationBusiness to Business Solutions

OneWeb is primarily aimed at:

  • Government Services: Healthcare, Education, Emergency Responders, etc.
  • Energy, Mining, Exploration and Forestry
  • Enterprises in Remote Locations
  • Utilities such as hydro electricity production & distribution

OneWeb is also ideal for Cellular backhaul, back-up connectivity, critical communications and community Wi-Fi.

Platform & network features

  • Advanced connectivity management
  • Flexible and scalable service plans
  • Guaranteed packet delivery and CIRs
  • Customizable network architecture