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OneWeb for Cellular Backhaul

Mobile operators need to connect customers everywhere, including in some of the most far-flung places on Earth, as even the most remotely-located businesses and organizations need coonectivity to operate, communicate with partners, suppliers and serve customers.

OneWeb Cellular Backhaul ServicesHowever, bringing terrestrial links to remote areas can be cost-prohibitive: compared to urban locations, connectivity in remote areas faces barriers in the form of large geographical distances between coverage areas and service PoPs, complex terrain and obstacles like forests, mountains or lakes.

OneWeb Cellular Backhaul ServicesIn addition, the low population density of remote areas implies the average revenue per site is lower than for urban sites and due to their location, it's expensive to maintain remote sites – often double the cost of urban sites, amounting to as much as 20% of TCO.

OneWeb Cellular Backhaul ServicesOneWeb offers a new means for operators to extend their networks into underserved regions and add capacity to existing networks cost effectively.

On top of it all, because OneWeb caters to professionals:

  • Operators can physically interconnected their network to remote sites powered by OneWeb at our urban PoPs, to increase security and performance

  • OneWeb Remote Terminals allow network sharing, where two or more operators can locate their RAN equipment on a single mast, so third-party tower providers can spread costs out over multiple tenants, which presents significant CAPEX reduction opportunities

Whether as a primary or secondary link, OneWeb offers big possibilities to bridge the divide between urban and remote cell sites.