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Iranian Television

Iranian Television

Iranian TelevisionThe Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting's (IRIB) Jâm-e-Jam television channel is available 24 hours a day to viewers located in North America and the Caribbean. IRIB's Jâm-e-Jam is a free to air television service. Information on Jâm-e-Jam and other IRIB services may be found on IRIB's web site at www.irib.com.

Iranian TelevisionIn addition to IRIB services, private television channels from the USA and Canada in Farsi are also available in free-to-air via the Galaxy 19 satellite. Press TV, an Iranian 24hr news channel is also available.

List of available services in Farsi on the Galaxy 19 satellite located at 97° West:

Television Radio

All of the above services are in Mpeg-2 DVB-S (standard definition) and requires a free-to-air receiver. A 90cm dish pointed on Galaxy 19 at 97°West is required for most locations in Canada, the USA and the Caribbean.

HD PVR Receivers

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PVR Receivers

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