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Shaw Direct


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Shaw Direct

xKu LNBF for Anik F1/G1Remote Reception of Shaw Direct

If you are located beyond the reception area of the Shaw Direct 75cm Elliptical dish kit and require a separate dish for Anik F1/G1 and Anik F2 reception, we are happy to announce our xKu LNBF kit for offset dish reception! This kit allows you to receive Shaw Direct xKu signal on offset dishes from 75cm to 2.40m and beyond in diameter!

For existing customers: accessories

Bell TV Accessories Dish Network or Bell TV owners: We've got replacement remotes, RV dishes, reception kits, SW44 switches and more accessories for your system than anyone else! You can jump directly to our online catalogue for more info.

Shaw Direct Accessories Take your Shaw Direct receiver to the cottage this winter with a spare dish and installation kit! We also carry replacement remotes, LNBFs and everything you might need for your Shaw Direct system!

New customers: looking for better television?

... or just tired of the limited choice and high price of your local cable service? Kusat has been in the satellite television business since 1996. We have been an official dealer of Shaw Direct since day 1. To find out about the wide range of programming and bundles offered by Canada's two digital satellite television providers, please navigate the pages of this website and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  Shaw Direct

Shaw Direct (ex. Star Choice) uses a unique satellite platform to deliver hundreds of television and radio services. Shaw Direct uses two of the most powerful satellites in the World: Telesat's Anik F1 and Anik F2 satellites. With Shaw Direct, installation is always free. Shaw Direct requires a 12 month engagement for any new subscriber. Find out more about Shaw Direct here.

*: Installation services available in selected regions.